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Founded by myself and fellow funny lady Jen O’Donnell, The Ladies Room is an all-female stand up comedy show dedicated to featuring up and coming female comics and national headliners. They’ve been dubbed “The antidote to all-male comedy shows” by LA Weekly, featured in LAist as “One of the Coolest Events in LA” and have been featured by 5 Every Day, a curated Los Angeles event app.

We’ve welcomed headliners like Beth Stelling (Jimmy Kimmel, Comedy Central) Megan Gailey (Conan, MTV, Comedy Central) Amanda Seales (HBO, MTV) and Emily Heller (Late Night with Seth Myers, Conan). Co-creators Jen O’Donnell and Jessie Stegner host the monthly show at the Three Clubs Bar in Hollywood, where they have a monthly residency. Each month is a new lineup of our favorite female comedians. Check out our trailer:

Our Feature in LA Weekly

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Megan Gailey has a joke about why women should flush tampons down public toilets during a Trump presidency. Ever Mainard has a bit about the futility of shaving her pubes in the bathtub after a breakup. Emily Heller, who like Mainard loathes going to the gym, says her only fitness goal is to look like the red M&M character. Rachel Scanlon has a bit about all the dirty things she’s accidentally said to her gynecologist during a Pap smear. And Dana Eagle, a self-described “gay bipolar Jew with a lazy eye,” says her cancer treatment was so safe that all the nurses walked out of the room during it.

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